1 aug 2023 NAVIGATOR a triumph for marine conservation

For us, AILE & ILE ASSOCIÉS, Summer holidays do not prevent you from staying thinking to the oceans where your goods flow.

To do this & without much effort,

The world’s first global map of marine life regulations and their limits has just been published – and – it could play an important role in achieving the goal of protecting 30% of our oceans by 2030.

Navigator is a free, digital and interactive map of regulatory information on more than 21,000 managed saltwater and coastal areas around the world, including the high seas. This tool, published by ProtectedSeas   a game changer when it comes to understanding and creating protection for marine life.

Before Navigator, it was difficult and time-consuming to try to understand the rules that protect marine life. It took months doing legal research, creating and updating maps. It was even more difficult because different rules applied in different places. This made it difficult to determine the extent to which ocean spaces were protected, which, in turn, made it difficult to create additional protections for the ocean.

Through this attached video, we are told about the importance of Navigator and what it means for international efforts to conserve the world’s fisheries resources.

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