1 oct 2023 MATIPOLO Octobre rose

Octobre Rose has been giving itself a month, 30 days, to raise awareness about breast cancer screening, since 1994.

Thus, every year, thousands of people mobilize for the fight against breast cancer. A month to raise awareness of screening is the goal of the Octobre Rose campaign.

As we celebrate the remarkable progress made against this disease and all its taboos and fears, it is still estimated that nearly one in eight (French statistic’s) women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. To a lesser extent, men are just as affected.

The “pink ribbon” is the international representation of the fight against breast cancer. To wear it is to show one’s support for research and for those who live or will live this ordeal. In other words, it is also proudly displaying one’s willingness to take part in spreading a strong message.

 AILE & ÎLE ASSOCIÉS supports MATIPOLO, a little local Association (Étel, FR-56410, Morbihan – France), which, today this Sunday, September 24, 2023, brought together +300 people, organized a 7kms walk in town and waterfront, gave workshops of palpations and sharing of experiences, in solidarity with all those who cross and must overcome this disease.


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