11 apr 2024 How to understand the world of Shipping, seen from our French-French window… up to the M/S CMA-LNG Jacques SAADE?

How to understand the world of Shipping, seen from our French-French window… up to the M/S CMA-LNG Jacques SAADE?

Rather than appeal to his memories, AILE & ILE ASSOCIES prefers to highlight the excellent book of Bernard CASSAGNOU, in two volumes, LES GRANDES MUTATIONS DE LA MARINE MARCHANDE FRANÇAISE (1945-1995), Edition IGPDE 2003 – France

“After being destroyed at two-thirds of its tonnage during the Second World War, the French Merchant Navy was reconstituted in less than five years. On the one hand, it had to deal with the disappearance of its liners with the arrival of the first long-haul jets on the North Atlantic, and on the other hand with the loss of substance of freight traffic on its traditional routes, with decolonization. Preceding the managers of the major French exporting companies, shipowners and seafarers, in their conquest of new markets, were confronted with the following question: how to continue to live with the same level of social protection and providence and face international competition effectively and fairly? » 

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