15 mar 2022 NYK keep up the NYK Group ESG Story

NYK has issued the NYK Group ESG Story, which introduces the activities
to advance the integration of ESG into the company’s management strategy as set forth in the group’s medium-term management plan “Staying Ahead 2022 with Digitalization & Green.”
In order to continue to be a corporate group that remains essential to society and industry, the NYK Group aims to be a sustainable solution provider that creates new value while maximizing profits and achieving social and environmental sustainability from a long-term perspective.
The NYK Group ESG Story also focuses on activities to create new value, human resource and organizational structures to create new value and measures that will strengthen the management foundation to support ESG management.
With the understanding and support of our stakeholders, including our group
employees, we will strive to realize the goals detailed in this story.
The Chinese version of the NYK Group ESG Story will be issued soon.