2 jan 2024 EAST-WEST, but how do we get there ?

EAST-WEST, but how do we get there ?

In a fortnight, at the end of 2023, the map of one of the most important fluids in world trade has changed : the extension of the EAST-WEST route by the circumvention of the Cape of Good Hope, the instant half-masting of the Suez Canal, and the beginning of the occlusion of the Eastern Mediterranean with the Strait of Gibraltar as the only entry and exit. Immediately, Supply chains react and modify orders, supply rhythms and stocks. A multimodal highway, albeit on land, through the desert, is even being studied, in parallel with the Silk Road!

So the question 2024 will always be, “but from where do we get there?” or rather, “How do we get there?” with this rise to the board of LNG, Methanol, Nuclear and Wind power?


All our best wishes as logisticians of AILE & ILE ASSOCIÉS will accompany you,

Happy New Year 2024 to all, to all your loved ones, and to everyone around you.

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