26 mar 2024 BALTIMORE, Case study ?


In all our conversations, in all our quotes, in all our exchanges, AILE & ILE ASSOCIÉS reminds you that undertaking insurance coverage for the journey of your goods is absolutely essential, inexpensive in consideration of the hazards of multimodal voyages, but, it must be acknowledged, for a damage, an event, a breakdown, which occurs or very rarely occured. Until now.

Thus, without warning, the accident BALTIMORE26-03-2024 revives all the terms of Shipping as a case of study where it is necessary to re-consider simultaneously the case of “Force Majeure”, “Common Average”, with an “Alternative” or “refuge” port, with a port of “Destination”, a “Voyage accomplished” or “Completed” and  all the other “fair” distributions of the costs of immobilization, evacuation, and, diversion.

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