28 nov 2022 We decarbonize, You decarbonize, They decarbonize.. their freights TPI LOGISTIQUE & AILE & ILE ASSOCIES

For 35+ years, our daily work has never been separated from our choices of life, family and friendship. This is certainly the case for all of you, Customers, Suppliers & Partners. Also, we are pleased to tell you, or even tell you again the joy that AILE & ILE ASSOCIÉS now participates in the decarbonized freights program with TPI LOGISTIQUE via

Indeed, to offset 100% of the 55 tons of CO2 emitted by its Paris and Lyon offices in 2022, TPI LOGISTIQUE supports a reforestation project led by the O.N.F. French National Forestry Office in the state of Mato Grosso in Brazil. On 10,000 hectares, 2 million trees and 50 local species have been planted by the O.N.F. to reconstitute a carbon sink. AILE & ILE ASSOCIÉS had already signed up for other agroforestry initiatives, in France, in Europe, in Africa recalls that it is about finding a balance for all, achieving collective harmony, and now simply complying with the IMO 2030 objectives.

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