5 mar 2023 SIGNATURE of an OCEAN TREATY with 30×30 GOAL

While the shipping industry decarbonizes its entire fleet by 2030, within 7 years., here is another brick brought to the planet by creating a Law of the Oceans by the validation of the United Nations Treaty of 05-03-2023. Since our article SDG, Sustainable Development Goal of Nov.2022, the 30×30 Goal signed by +157 nations commits us, without further delay, to convert and protect 30% of the planet’s waters into protected areas by 2030.

From our sensitivity to serve you in full compliance with ESG standards,  (Environment, Social & Governance), we are pleased to see that it now seems consensual to respect the oceans on which we transport your goods.

Looking forward to 2030, AILE & ILE ASSOCIES shares you attachments : the Reaction of Greenpeace + GBO Global Biodiversity Outlook5  …to let appreciate these new parameters,

Remaining at your disposal.

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