5 may 2023 Choose your Ad Valorem coverage or have it integrated ?

Choose your Ad Valorem coverage or have it integrated?

After the record profits of the maritime sector over the last two years, the Shipowners immediately reinvested them, quite naturally, to renew their fleet, to switch to new green and sustainable energies. Beyond this industrial security and sustainability, the Shipowners have also accelerated the integration of all upstream and downstream services into maritime transport, by absorbing, by buying many operators, many terminals and land infrastructures that they did not yet control.

The range of services of the Shipowners is now, door-to-door, with services just as varied ranging from trucking, rail, river, air to LCL/LCL groupages, from logistics and distribution platform to Customs Declarant, and now openly to that of “Ad Valorem” Insurer. The Shipowner would become a kind of Single Window, a « Guichet Unique » for international trade. And certainly, with its own regulations & uses from one to the other.

By letting yourself be appreciated, you will find the example of the SERENITY Campaign of CMA CGM,

Barring a sudden change in our opinion, Aile & Ile Associés,  believes in the Brokerages of Insurance coverage, in the separation of Actors, and, in maintaining the openness of the choices of the “Principals”. This distance seems necessary if we observe the stacking of the Terms & Conditions of the bill of lading and the Shipowner’s Insurance Contracts, already drafted by the same and only party. Unfortunately, simplification seems too happy and timely.

By remaining at your disposal.

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