8 feb 2024 REFER TO DRAWER


A cheque that was sent to the beneficiary’s bank and then went through the clearing process to be returned to the beneficiary because the value cannot be transferred. If the reason is a lack of funds, or a forged cheque, the bank will mark the cheque as “refer to drawer“. She withdrew the funds that had been wrongly credited, plus fees + bank penalties.

To avoid this kind of possibility, and, any misunderstanding, AILE & ILE ASSOCIÉS refuses any cheque, issued from a client’s account or any cashier’s cheque: Use SWIFT international transfers only with a copy of your order.

In logistics, any loss of time can create demurrages, detentions, dead freights, and, irreparable delivery delays.

This way, your payments must arrive in our accounts safely, without any incidents. So this concerns you in the first place.

With our best regards,